Saturday, June 19, 2004


I'm here! Yay! Hot and humid but I'm used to it.

I flew in this a.m. with friends Jan Zanetis and Kecia Ray and after Kecia dropped me off at my hotel I walked out to Felix's for oysters and gumbo until I could get into my room. Once there, I napped and arose later for dinner with the dynamic duo and our pal Elaine Shuck. We walked A LOT and ended up after a couple missteps at the Ugly Dog Saloon. Great fare, reasonably priced. Check it out.

Tomorrow I'm up for an early bike trail scooter (yes, I brung my xootr) then an early workshop with Jamie McKenzie of "From Now On." After a noontime NECC volunteering stint I'll do the 3 p.m. facilitator workshop to learn how to work those Tandberg things and then I'm off.

I revised my site tonight because that's my only handout for the workshop, folks--my business card with my website address on it. That'll link you to everything you need to know.


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