Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Powerpoint now online

Up early on Tuesday, going out to scooter back down to Cafe duMonde again (no commitments 'til 10), I tweaked the powerpoint a bit for Web display and popped it online for your convenience in case you want to share with colleagues or friends. It's at http://scottmerrick.net/presentations/vidlimitedmoney.htm.

I also realized that when I described our kindergarten interaction with Jason at boowakwala.com I failed to mention that he's located on an island off the east coast of Africa, Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. The things we forget in the frenzy of the moment!

I'm done, now. Well. Except to point you to a nice little (grabbed with my li'l Orbit Quickcam) impromptu round by one group of kindergarteners several days before our scheduled connection. Remember when I said I was stubborn? Well, the first time we tried to connect with Jason in Mauritius we didn't. Turned out it had to do with my NAT IP settings: I had mistyped one digit. To salvage the moment, I suggested that we sing one of the songs from the site to record and send to Jason, and a brilliant teacher, Laura Laughter, embellished the notion with this little minilesson on the art of singing in the round.


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