Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Well, interesting. Skype, the world's biggest, baddest VOIP (VoiceOverIP) service (3,996,447 users online at the moment I type this) has for a while now been flirting with IVC and there's a nifty little program called Festoon that is currently in beta and hence currently free. I downloaded it and have it installed but so far don't see anyone in my contacts list (admittedly small) who has the program installed so I can test it. Anyone out there looking to take this thang around the virtual block for a test drive?

If Skype serves up a codec and service as impressive as its voice communications offering, Microsoft and Apple might just have some healthy competition. Skype/Festoon me (that sounds a bit weird, doesn't it?) at my cleverly disguised Skype username, "Scott Merrick."



Blogger Scott said...

I have so far had a couple Festoon chats with Londoner David Fletcher, who agrees with me that the program's video seems a bit more jerky and packet-lossy than many other options, including my favorite old standby iVisit (see link in sidebar) and I'm still looking to Skype to make it better. I love that it now works with GoogleTalk and Skype, but it's not up to par yet, me believes.

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