Wednesday, December 06, 2006

VCInsight Reports Weekly!

Have you bought your Microsoft Zune portable player yet? It'll be interesting to see how sales go this holiday season. I know my iPod 3rd gen 30 gig player has now been through a hard drive replacement and is now on its third battery. No biggie, but I have now paid as much for it as I might have if I hadn't won it in a sweepstakes at!

What, you might ask, has this to do with any kind of videoconferencing? WELL:

VCInsight ezine, a weekly newsletter that summarizes the website's news-of-the-week, today announced that "Working in concert with Microsoft, TANDBERG has enabled Zune-optimized content creation through the TANDBERG Content Server, the company’s Windows®-based streaming and archiving solution. Using the Content Server, any standards-based videoconference can be instantly recorded and optimized for Microsoft Zune download and playback without any additional configuration." IMHO, can Apple be far behind in adopting this tack?

Wow. Read more, and subscribe to this very succinct online publication if you're interested in keeping up with IVC news on a weekly basis.


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