Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Developments 2004!

Quite a few developments have, well, developed, over the early months of the school year. For one, Sightspeed has released a new version,, which enables multi-party calls. In tests at my school, which is very tightly firewalled, SightSpeed performed very well around the security with no additional setting tweaks, and connecting with my friend Brandon at Franklin Road Academy showed us that it does well around at least one other configuration as well. Brandon's not yet been successful getting his network guys to NAT his Polycom around their setup! The program did crash a couple times for us, but all in all it seems to perform, as I say, very well. The video is stellar.

Sightspeed Basic offers free download and 15 min. per day connectivity one-to-one (or paying-user-instigated multi-party) for free. The "Freedom" plan is $4.95 per month and I'd suggest you give that a try on a monthly basis if you have a loved one or a colleague you'd like to frequently connect with then go for the annual 'scription at even less.

The other thing I want to report here is that I'm putting together an Evening School class at my school for sometime in Spring Semester. I plan to use this site as my content and news page for that, too, so watch it for new info. And if you want to take a moment to click on any of the ads from Google that'd be a cool thing, too. The new AdSense program pays me for advertiser visits, and I'm testing it out for my father-in-law, who plans to put up a new alternative energy site at blogger.com and wants me to get him up and running to set up AdSense on his site.

That's all for now. Happy Holidays to everyone! And remember, if you need testing, chat me up at the Chatango link in the sidebar. If it shows me offline, leave your contact info and I'll get back to ye.



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