Sunday, December 11, 2005


I've long been a lifetime subscriber to, an Aussie-based website dedicated to highlighting new freeware and shareware as it becomes available, all in a marvelous "one-stop-shop" way. This is one newsletter I always read--well, completely scan, at least--since I often discover useful software that I can adapt for my teaching or my other work.

This week's newsletter pointed me to a multimedia program that has every potential to make my life as an Interactive VideoConferencing proponent 'way easier. It's called SUPER and can be downloaded from eRightSoft's website. I haven't unbundled it yet but its description as a program that will enable virtually unlimited conversion of digital video from any format to any format is enough to tell me it's going to become a new best friend.

Recorded video is often too bulky to readily post on the Internet or email. The ability to record an IVC and share it, or highlights from it, editing and compressing optimally for sharing, is one I can certainly use!


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