Monday, June 12, 2006

Jake Ludington on Sightspeed

Ah, de news. Tech guru and computer media expert Jake Ludington recently issued a brief review of one of my favorite desktop IVC options, Sightspeed. He says, "Think of this as the Skype of video communication, with outstanding image quality and convenient conferencing between your Mac and PC friends. The basic version is free. If you want to communicate with multiple people simultaneously, SightSpeed Pro is available for $49.95 per year and includes a free Webcam..."

Read the whole piece.

While you're there you might consider subscribing to any of his digital newsletters. I subscribe to the "Digital Lifestyle" one!

Sightspeed has thrown into the VOIP warz with the new addition of audio only calls. I agree with Jake that it has miles to go before posing any real challenge to Skype in that arena, but a little competition can't help but be good for the wee end users (that's us, pilgrim).


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