Friday, January 26, 2007

Out on Janine's Lim Again with Videoconferencing

My friend Janine, blogger of "Out On a Lim" IVC blog, has put up a stellar video stream of a ~40 minute multi-point videoconference she conducted recently. While this was obviously an IVC that was carried out over the high-end stuff (Polycom, Tandberg, etc.) there's absolutely no reason why many of these projects can't be carried out with a hunnert dollar webcam at each end and Skype (or any other free or low-cost solution) doing the work.

I discovered this stream via Roxanne Glaser's "VC Rox" blog, dingdingdingding new blogroll addition!

Here's the link to the stream. Ah, Janine strikes another solid blow for adoption. This video stream is an excellent potpouri of ideas for classroom IVC and also a beautiful example of a master thinking on her feet during an interaction. Note the way Janine shifts tactics during the question and answer session to encourage more participation. Share this with every teacher you know!!! (Is that a call for spam? Nawwwwww...)

Pic from the Learning Technology 2006 Speakers page, but it seems to be all over the place so I'm not sure that's its original source!


Anonymous Janine Lim said...

Hey Scott! Thanks for the link. I totally agree. Skype is getting cooler and cooler. And no firewall issues (unless the school is blocking it of course). These "face to face" collaborations are awesome and the video adds a neat dimension compared to the email projects that were the rage in the '90s. Keep up the great work! - Janine

4:47 PM  

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