Tuesday, June 13, 2006

HP's "Halo," IVC Built for Shrek

If you and/or your company/institution has a spare half a million bucks and wants the real deal for an IVC room outfitted with "an array of equipment...[that] makes sure that there is no interruption in the flow of data that might interfere with the illusion that you’re in a meeting, not a videoconference," HP and Dreamworks have a Halo Collaboration Studio room for you. Oh, yeah: I fergot to mention that your team on the other end needs one of these rooms, too.

There's an interesting article about the system, originally designed for remote collaboration between teams during the development of the hit movie "Shrek," at Canadian Technology News's website. Give "A videoconferencing system built for Shrek" by Lynn Greiner a read, if only to see how the other half lives and perhaps to further fuel your commitment to find a cheaper but viable soluton (pic from the "HP Interactive Press Kit" detailing the technology).

Go Deeper:

“The problem with video conferencing to a large extent is that it doesn’t actually help us get things done,” a quote from an article linked from the Halo one, illustrates the question the article raises--is IVC "a solution looking for a problem?" Just to keep yourself in balance, give "You want to have it but do you need it?" by Grant Buckler a read, too. No one can say DestopIVC isn't fairfair!

Cheers, and you better get packin' for NECC in just 3 weeks!!!


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