Wednesday, July 05, 2006

WooWoo--Call that done!

As my lovely wife is wont to say, "stick a fork in me--I'm done!"

Joan and I had a great session of the first annual Desktop IVC "Birds of a Feather" group. Scheduled 'way'way'way in the south forty of the massive SDCC, and at the same time as the "Ice Cream Social" elsewhere, we happily satisfied ourselves with Quality, not Quantity. Nearly everyone in the room was a repeat offender in workshops of mine, and we were graced with the presence of Ms. Multitask herself, Janine Lim. She was blogging the session as it was going on so I certainly hope she said kind things. LOL, (LaughOutLoud) for the IM impaired amongst us.

We had a GREAT talk, shared iVisit (talking with "Goliath," the education director), Sightspeed, and the fabulous new Polycom Communicator, visited the Knowledge Center Illinois browser-based solution, talked a bunch about the challenges inherent in using iChat in a school/district, shared stories--along with a great DVD movie that I hope Joan puts on her own blog, all about a classroom mentoring via desktop IVC. Joan shared a movie everyone who reads this needs to look for and rent/buy: The Lost Skeleton of Cadavera. Favorite quote from the short segment we watched? "I'm a scientist--I don't believe in anything." Not NEARLY as funny out of context.

Thanks to our attendees, all of 'em and thanks to Janine, who's here despite the fact that she has to leave early for her tenth wedding anniversary Friday!!!


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