Friday, September 29, 2006

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Hey, ya'll,

A parent at my school emailed me a couple days ago to ask if I could find the time to field test a new desktop IP IVC option, e/pop, from He set up a conference at his end, invited me in, gave me a URL to join, I clicked and we were off and running. There's a nice little video at the website with an intro to the software, and what I have to report here is that I experienced the clearest video I've thus far received. I'm going to paste in a screengrab you can click on to get a notion of the clarity. This is straight off an Alt-PrntScrn grab into Paint. A cool feature of e/Pop is its ability to display a program or a .ppt presentation in its large workspace, which itself is very "moddable." As you can see, multi-point connections are possible.

Though my own loopback video was delay-ridden his seemed extraordinarily real-time. Whether that's a function of the audio being carefully delayed by the codec or whatever, it's a remarkable improvement on most other solutions, including my favorite in the free software category, SightSpeed. I did have a great little SightSpeed chat yesterday with my online friend David Fletcher, a retired barrister in Twickenham, England, yesterday, but while the video was GE (Good Enough) it didn't come close to that provided by the e/Pop connection.

That said, my audio was a bit choppy, which may or may not have been affected by my running on a notebook computer over my school's double T1 network.

Go check out e/pop for yrself! As I understand, the pricing runs on the order of 5 seats at $3800 dollars annually, a significant savings over the cost of, say, WebEx.



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