Monday, September 18, 2006

Audio Post!--Conversation with Polycom's Elaine Shuck

I'm hoping this little conversation with Elaine Shuck, Education Marketing Director for Polycom, Inc., is of interest to ya'll. It references two of my favorite "go-to" softwares and one new one Elaine introduced me to so give it a listen and see what you think. (Right-click/save that link to download it or just click to listen.)

I called Elaine a few minutes ago using Skype because I have re-installed HotRecorder for recording Skype calls, mainly for my podcast "Snacks4theBrain!," and I'm hoping to do a Skype interview today with Kyle Butler from the "Brain Food" podcast. I wanted to make sure everything is playing together well on my new Dell notebook, an Inspiron E1505. When I first called her she was bundling her daughter into her coat to send her off to school so I called her back, hence the little exchange at the beginning of the conversation.

Me, I'm going out to check out xmeeting.

10 minutes later. Well, looks like it's a MacOSX opensource product not yet up to release 1.0 but very interesting if you have a Mac and want to connect to an .H323 or SIP client. Are we on the way to being able to reliably connect desktop computers to the higher end providers? The pricey (for a classroom) Polycom PVX has always done that, but are we on the way to making some of the free or nearly-free solutions useable??? Stay tuned!



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