Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"Videoconferencing: convergence bites"

(Pic--me rolling up and down aisles of my computer lab two-handedly adjusting settings for the start of the school year!)

Hey, ya'll,

Longtime no post: Sorry. So much is developing on so many fronts that I've not deemed any news on this one reason enough to post. However, my Google Alert for videoconferencing was loaded up today, mostly with news about a "coming boom in videoconferencing" due to the latest round of heightened airport security. Whether that's true or not, do check out this very interesting post from Bill Snow at Computerworld Blogs. The commenting is pretty robust, mostly from various commercial camps, but truly worth a read. I also find this post from businesswire.com about Tandberg's deployment of a PC based conferencing solution interest-piquing (is that a word?) though I know absolutely nothing about Lotus Sametime. Any comments?


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