Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Well, interesting. Skype, the world's biggest, baddest VOIP (VoiceOverIP) service (3,996,447 users online at the moment I type this) has for a while now been flirting with IVC and there's a nifty little program called Festoon that is currently in beta and hence currently free. I downloaded it and have it installed but so far don't see anyone in my contacts list (admittedly small) who has the program installed so I can test it. Anyone out there looking to take this thang around the virtual block for a test drive?

If Skype serves up a codec and service as impressive as its voice communications offering, Microsoft and Apple might just have some healthy competition. Skype/Festoon me (that sounds a bit weird, doesn't it?) at my cleverly disguised Skype username, "Scott Merrick."


Thursday, November 17, 2005

TechBuilder | Videoconferencing For The Rest Of Us

This is an article about how to set up Yahoo!Messenger for your network that I stumbled across in the course of looking for something else. Ah, don't we love the I'net...

Though Y!M works quite well, I advocate looking into as many solutions as you can before settling on your organization's tool. iVisit, SightSpeed, and even plain old NetMeeting are also very nicely deployed over a network, not to mention the growing number of online portals and tools. See links in the sidebar for more information.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hello to Visitors from InnovateOnline!

I'll be sharing this site amongst quite a few others on Monday, November 7, with attendees at my InnovateOnline ULiveandLearn webinar. This is just a post to welcome them to the resources available here. Dig deep, and ye shall find valuable information!